Dr. Flea's

Dr Flea's Flea Market

Open Saturday & Sunday · 10am to 5pm

8 Westmore Drive, Toronto (Highway 27 & Albion Road)
416-745-FLEA (3532)

Radio F-L-E-ARadio F-L-E-ARadio F-L-E-A

"Hey hey hey, what do you say? Welcome to Dr. Flea's!"

These are the words, amongst many others, you will hear on Radio F·L·E·A, from the Market's air waves master, none other than Dr. Flea!

Listen to a welcome message from the Doctor --
click here: Dr. Flea Says Hi

All weekend long at the Market Radio F·L·E·A hosts free contests and free giveaways.

You can often see Dr. Flea himself walking around the Market, with his live radio microphone, broadcasting Radio F·L·E·A, and handing out free gifts and prizes.

Want a hint? Next time you see Dr. Flea, if you're 14 years old or younger, tell him your favourite colour! He'll have something for you!

Check out Dr. Flea's on TV!

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